10 Reasons to be Excited About Polk City Location

It’s official – On With Life’s Long-Term Skilled Care Program has made the transition from Glenwood to Polk City! We know we are leaving behind a great community in Glenwood, but are excited for all the opportunities our new Polk City location has to offer. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. The Polk City Community – Polk City has been so welcoming as we have worked towards this transition, and we are so happy to officially be a part of it! We look forward to collaborating with local businesses, participating in events such as the annual Four Seasons Festival, and exploring the area for future outings (we can’t wait to take our adaptive bike on the trails!)

2. Additional Beds – Our new building has forty licensed beds – eight more than we previously had! We know there is a great need for our services, and we look forward to welcoming those who need them into our program.

3. Proximity to Ankeny Campus – Did you know our new location is only a 15-minute drive from the Ankeny campus? This will make it easy to collaborate with staff, share equipment and utilize the pool!

4. Use of Family Houses – Being close to the Ankeny campus also means we have access to the family housing options available! Families of our persons served in Polk City will be able to utilize this free option when coming to visit their loved ones.

5. Kitchen and Laundry – While it has been convenient for the Glenwood Resource Center to provide our kitchen and laundry services in the past, we are excited to now have our own! This will allow us to provide options and services more catered towards the needs of our persons served. Plus, we will have access to the same delicious food the Ankeny kitchen is known for!

6. Modern, Home-Like Design – When designing this new building our team was very intentional about making it a homey environment for our persons served. Open spaces, bright colors and natural light help to make this a cheerful and cozy place to live!

7. Windows – Speaking of natural light… we love the windows in this building! They are nice and big – perfect for letting in sunlight and giving our persons served outdoor views. The window panes are even perfectly situated as to not block views from a wheelchair.

8. Outdoor Therapy Space – We will miss the OWL’s nest we had in Glenwood, but there is so much potential to create a new and improved outdoor space in Polk City! The building has a large courtyard with a walking path and plenty of green space.

9. Lift Tracks – A track system has been installed in every person served room, as well as the whirlpool rooms, to make transferring easier. This technology helps save space while helping to keep both persons served and staff safe during the transfer process.

10. Open House – And finally… we can’t wait for you to see it! We are hosting an Open House + Celebration Event from 4 -7 pm on Thursday, July 25. Stop by for a drink, snack and tour of the new facility. The Polk City Chamber will join us at 4:30 pm for an official ribbon cutting. We hope to see you there!