On Will Life Advocates for Helmet Awareness in July

Forty-seven of the fifty states have some sort of helmet regulation in place - 28 of which require minors to wear a helmet while riding a bike, scooter, motorcycle or other type of motorized vehicle. But did you know Iowa has no laws in place when it comes to helmet laws?

As experts in brain injury, stroke and neuro rehabilitation, On With Life has seen the impact of Iowa's absent helmet laws. To bring awareness to the subject, we have proclaimed July 2020 as "Helmet Awareness Month."

“On With Life is passionate about advocating for brain injury awareness and prevention,” said Jean Shelton, CEO of On With Life. “Iowa is one of only three states that does not have any laws related to helmet usage, so we want to educate our community and encourage our lawmakers to pass a law in Iowa.”

We will be promoting helmet awareness in many different ways throughout the month. Through our Facebook page, we will be sharing several stories and facts related to helmet awareness. Facebook also houses our fundraiser, where we hope to raise $1,000 to purchase more helmets for our communities. 

If you're looking to participate in our advocacy efforts, use our Bingo card to both spread awareness and have fun in July. You can also meet us out for one of the four free helmet giveaway events we are hosting in Clive, Glenwood, Coralville and Ankeny. 

You can find details of On With Life's Helmet Awareness month by visiting our designated web page. We hope you join us as we spread the word about helmet safety!