On With Life announces $1 million from Polk County for Long-Term Care Project

On With Life is planning a one-of-a-kind long-term program in Iowa and the first On With Life program in Polk City, Iowa, with a $1 million gift from Polk County and an additional $750,000 from the State of Iowa in infrastructure funds.

This one-of-a-kind long-term program in Iowa serves individuals who have experienced a brain injury (including traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, aneurysm or anoxia, or other neurological disorder) and who require long-term care related to the complexity of their medical and life-long care needs. 

In January 2023, On With Life received unanimous approval from the State of Iowa Certificate of Need Council to establish a forty bed skilled nursing facility. Thirty-two of these proposed skilled nursing facility beds will be relocated from On With Life’s existing long-term program. In addition to the relocation of 32 beds, On With Life will also be adding eight new licensed beds to meet the growing need for placement options for this population and unique level of care in Iowa. 

“On With Life was excited to receive $1 million in funds from Polk County through the American Rescue Plan Act funding that was available. The individuals served in our long-term program have very unique needs and if On With Life were not able to relocate our program, many of these individuals would have to leave their home state to receive care,” said Jean Shelton, CEO of On With Life. “We appreciate the Board of Supervisors, as well as the State of Iowa, seeing the importance of this type of program in Iowa and the opportunity to move it to Polk County where it’s central location and proximity to family members will be a great benefit to persons served in the program both now and in the future.”

On With Life will be conducting a complete renovation of a recently-purchased building in Polk City. The facility will get a complete remodel and will include 40 licensed beds with 20 private rooms and 10 double rooms, all designed with a home-like setting. The facility will also include rehabilitation/therapy spaces, activities space, family rooms and include an outdoor sensory garden. The remodeled facility in Polk City will be On With Life’s first facility/program located in that community and will be approximately 15 minutes from On With Life’s Ankeny campus.

Hubbell will serve as the general contractor, and SVPA will serve as the architect for the $7 million Construction and renovation began in Spring of 2023, and residents will begin moving into the new facility in Spring of 2024.