How many people will this program serve?

  • On With Life will have 40 beds; 20 private rooms and 10 shared rooms.

What’s different about On With Life’s long-term program?

  • This one-of-a-kind long-term program serves individuals who have experienced a brain injury (including traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumor, aneurysm or anoxia, or other neurological disorder) and who require long-term care related to the complexity of their medical and life long care needs.

What’s your plan with the previous Polk City Nursing and Rehabilitation building?

  • On With Life will be conducting a complete renovation of a recently-purchased building in Polk City. The facility will get a complete remodel and will include 40 licensed beds with 20 private rooms and 10 double rooms, all designed with a home-like setting. The facility will also include rehabilitation/therapy spaces, activities space, family rooms and include an outdoor sensory garden.

What is the address of the new On With Life Long-Term Skilled Care Center in Polk City?

  • 1002 W Washington Ave, Polk City, IA 50226

When will construction begin and end?

  • Renovation began in Spring of 2023, and residents will begin moving into the new facility in Spring of 2024.

How many jobs will this bring to Polk City?

  • This will bring approximately 75 jobs to the Polk City area. Hiring will begin in October. If you are interested in hiring opportunities, click here to indicate your interest so we can reach out once October gets closer.