Outpatient Admission and Discharge Criteria
Thank you for your interest in our Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation program. Our specialty outpatient therapy program includes neuro-based physical therapy, occupational therapy speech therapy, clinical counseling, and neuropsychology. Our team has one goal in mind, to return you as fully as possible to the activities, passions, roles and talents that define you as an individual.

To learn more about our Outpatient Programs and Services, including our stroke program, brain injury program, concussion clinic, Parkinson’s clinic, aquatic therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, vestibular/balance therapy and others, visit our Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation program and services page. Referrals may come from a variety of sources and will be handled on an individual basis. All admissions, transfers, and discharges are done in accordance with On With Life’s non-discrimination policy.

Admission Criteria

  • The individual has sustained a traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other neurological disability.
  • The individual demonstrates a need and the potential to benefit from outpatient therapy intervention/services provided by On With Life.
  • The individual is medically stable and breathes independently without mechanical assistance.
  • The individual has a viable funding source or means of payment.
  • The individual does not demonstrate a severe behavioral and/or personality disorder which poses a threat to self or others, or which requires intensive psychiatric or programmatic intervention.
  • Any individual, who is either a minor or adult not capable of informed decision making, must have either a legally appointed decision maker or a family representative who is responsible for decisions and/or informed choices.
  • An individual with a communicable disease will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with consultation from the Iowa State Department of Health.
  • An individual is ten years of age or older (individuals younger than ten years of age will be considered on a case-by-case basis).
  • Individuals who have a diagnosis of spinal cord dysfunction based on their complexity of needs and level of dysfunction. On With Life is unable to serve individuals with spinal cord dysfunction of C4 or above.
  • The individual has written therapy order(s) for services recommended by a physician.
  • The program is able to adequately address the individual’s needs post traumatic brain injury, stroke, or neurological disability.

Each referral to On With Life is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions to the admission criteria may be made at the discretion of the medical director.

Transition & Discharge Criteria

  • The individual has achieved his/her individualized program goals and no further targeted goals are needed to maximize his/her ability to function in the community.
  • The individual’s needs fall beyond the scope of services provided by the Outpatient Service program.
  • The individual no longer has a viable funding source for outpatient rehabilitation service.
  • The individual has determined they no longer want to participate in the outpatient rehabilitation services.
  • The individual refuses services as scheduled, or refuses to address targeted goals as established.
  • The individual has missed two (2) scheduled therapy appointments without advanced notification (no call/no show) in the absence of extenuating circumstances.
  • The individual’s medical acuity is too high to safely participate or compromises the health of the individual or others.

Funding Sources

  • Health Insurance
  • Private Pay
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
Interested in a Referral?
Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation program referrals or inquiries can be made by anyone with a need, including a physician, discharge planner, social worker, case manager, attorney, the patient themselves or a patient's family member. Please call us at 515-289-9696 or use our online Refer to Us Form and select "Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation" as the program option. Once we receive your information, our team will be in contact to gather information and discuss next steps.

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