Family House FAQ

Why did we add a Family House?

The Family House had been on our “wish list” for many years because of our focus on family support and involvement in the rehabilitation process. The 2015 expansion of the Outpatient center gave us the perfect opportunity to convert what was once an Outpatient clinic into a 5-bedroom Family Guest House. We are excited that the House will allow family/support team members from outside of central Iowa to actively participate in their loved one’s rehabilitation program. Our hope is that the Family Guest House is a comfortable environment for family members and that it makes their life a little easier during a difficult time.

Is there a charge for families to use the house?

There is no charge to use the family house. On With Life is subsidizing this benefit in light of its commitment to the vision of our founding families to “passionately serve and relentlessly advocate to create life-enriching opportunities for person impacted by brain injury”. There will be a $15 key deposit that will be returned at check-out. Family members staying in the house will be asked to do some daily chores to maintain the house from day to day, for example running the dishwasher, wiping down the kitchen counters, sweeping, etc. 

Who do families talk with if they want to use the house?

There is an application process to use the family house. Please contact the social workers at 515-289-9683 and they will provide details and make arrangements to reserve a room. Because there are only five bedrooms and we want to provide this benefit to the most number of families, there will be only one room available per person served (based on availability).

Is there a plan to add additional family housing in the future?

Yes! We will be adding two new Family Houses to the Ankeny campus in 2024, with the support of Hubbell Realty. Click here to read more about this exciting project.