Employee Recognition

Since opening in 1991, On With Life has aimed to become nothing short of an exceptional employer. Focusing on an intersection of personal and professional growth, a family-like culture and team accomplishment, our goal is to grow the next generation of workers by recognizing individuals who have demonstrated excellence and commit themselves to living out our mission of, "joining hands, hearts and minds to help persons living with brain injury get On With Life."

Some of the ways we recognize employees include:
-Employee of the Year
-OWL Achievement Award
-Employee Recognition Lunch/Anniversary Awards
Employee Testimonials
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Why On With Life - Nora
  • Advice for new hires - Dan
  • Advice for new hires - Kay
  • Employee Benefits - Gail
  • Employee Culture - Kerri Pottoff
  • The On With Life culture - Leslie
  • Play Vid
    Why On With Life - Nora
  • Play Vid
    Advice for new hires - Dan
  • Play Vid
    Advice for new hires - Kay
  • Play Vid
    Employee Benefits - Gail
  • Play Vid
    Employee Culture - Kerri Pottoff
  • Play Vid
    The On With Life culture - Leslie
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  • “On With Life is a top workplace and is what it is because of the people that fill it. From the nursing staff to dietary to maintenance to therapy. The amount of love and support that transcends all departments throughout the building really is overwhelming. It makes me proud every day to have such wonderful co-workers. And most of all because of the Persons Served that fill it. They are what drives us to be better, to think harder, to never give up and encourages us to push the limits to do all that we can for THEM. They are our motivators and being a part of all of their journeys is a daily blessing and honor.” – Jess Blough, COTA, Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program
  • “On With Life is a top workplace because they offer opportunities for us to continue our education and provide us with resources on becoming more knowledgeable about brain injuries.” – Johanna Stephens, CNA, Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program
  • “OWL is collaborative in the true sense of the word. As an organization OWL continually strives to improve and better serve brain injury survivors and their families.”  – Lindsay Vaux-Eldredge, Clinical Counselor, Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program
  • “This place rocks! I’ve been here 10 years and more years to go! The people I work with are truly the best. But I can say watching how the persons served get stronger and better every day is what puts goose pimples on my arms! They work so hard day in and day out. The therapists are so special, professional and passionate!” – Terri Ellison, Laundry Tech, Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program
  • “We all come together as a family to support others.” – Shelly Doubleday, Nursing Admin Assistant, Post-Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program
  • “I have never worked in a more supportive and family-like environment, and I love it.” – Megan Elsbecker, Accounting Coordinator, Corporate